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In the event that you need a denture or when it comes time for a new denture it is always hard to know how much dentures cost in Adelaide? Right? 

This is true due to the many different types of dentures that can be made and all the variables that need to be considered when deciding where to go to have them made.

It can also be confusing to know what Dental Extras you may have on your Private Health Insurance.

Does My Private Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Dentures?

Depending on the level of Dental Cover you have will determine what percentage you will have to pay.

If you have Private Health Insurance with 'Dental Extras', you will be eligible for a refund from your Health fund.

Talbot Denture Clinic Accepts All Health Funds, including Bupa, Medibank Private and HCF.

The gap you pay can be calculated at your free consultation at Talbot Denture Clinic Adelaide prior to your commitment to treatment.

What Other Cards or Schemes are there that Provide Dental Benefits?

Other Schemes that Provide Dental Benefits Include:

  • Veteran's Affairs Card Holder
  • SADS Referrals (for Pensioners)
  • Pension Card Holder
  • Seniors Card Holder
  • Health Care Card Holder

If you have any of these cards you will be eligible for some kind of benefit or discount.

Where do you go to get the best Value Dentures or most Affordable Dentures?

Getting an new set of dentures, even if its not for the first time can be a very stressful experience. You don't know how much all the treatment will cost. You may have preconceived expectations for what you want to look like or feel like post treatment. There can be a lot of questions. In most cases in Dentures, like most things you get what you pay for. Not to say that you should definitely get multiple quotes when researching any Dental Treatment.

The best place to go for your new dentures is your local Denture Clinic. You will find you get a much better value product from a Denture Clinic as apposed to a Dentist because a Denture Clinic only make Dentures and make everything In house. As apposed to a Dentist who will send Dentures and Crowns etc away to be made.

The most qualified person to make dentures is a Dental Prosthetist. The best place to go for affordable quality dentures is your local Denture Clinic.


Other Handy Questions to Ask when Inquiring about Denture Costs:

There are some questions and handy tips to remember when inquiring about how much dentures cost.

  • Are there additional appointments included in the price for adjustments if you get sore spots or if you have any troubles with your dentures?
  • Is the dental clinic your attending going to complete the whole process (in-house) from start to finish? Or are they going to out-source part of the manufacturing of the dentures?
  • If part of the work is being out-sourced, is it being sent somewhere in Australia or is it being sent overseas?
  • What level of quality are the materials being used to construct the dentures?

These are all factors that will effect the cost and quality of your dentures.

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Denture Cost Adelaide 5000

Denture Cost Adelaide 5000

Have Piece Of Mind That You Are Receiving The Best Treatment Possible When Visiting Talbot Denture Clinic


Talbot Denture Clinic Accepts All Health Funds, including Bupa, Medibank Private and HCF


Denture Cost Adelaide 5000

Denture Cost Adelaide 5000

At Talbot Denture Clinic You Can Come In For A Free Consultation And Discuss All Of Your Options

Denture Costs Adelaide 5000

Denture Costs Adelaide 5000

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