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Talbot Denture Clinic Adelaide

1/394 Henley Beach Rd, Lockleys S.A.

Ph: (08)8352 2999

How Talbot denture clinic Adelaide started

I opened Talbot Denture Clinic in November 2014 as I could see an opportunity to deliver a much higher quality of denture to the public, that I myself could make locally on premises at an affordable price.

This is due to current denture providers in Adelaide such as local Dentists arranging for dentures to be made however often these are manufactured offsite in dental laboratories or even sent overseas to be made at a cheaper rate.

The main reason for this is that most dentists do not specialise in dentures they specialise in general dentistry. I also found that the majority of techniques & materials used to create dentures by dentists were inferior in aesthetics, function and durability.

I myself had been working in one of the larger dental laboratories in Adelaide for about 7 years (as a dental technician) and over that time have gained an invaluable insight into the denture market in Adelaide. And to be honest was appalled with the standard of denture work that patients were putting up with.

Which in turn motivated me to become further qualified as a Dental Prosthetist so I could manufacture dentures for my own patients.

So once qualified I opened my own denture clinic, and Talbot Denture Clinic was born, were the public could come to receive top quality denture products and get the ongoing support that's needed when fitting dentures.



Benjamin Talbot- Dental prosthetist

Adv. Dip. Dental Prosthetics, Dip. Dental Tech.

Our resident Dental Prosthetist Ben.Talbot is a member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (S.A), the professional body representing South Australian Dental Prosthetists.

          Talbot Denture Clinic Adelaide Located At Lockleys

          Talbot Denture Clinic Adelaide Located At Lockleys

Our Goal:

Our goal is to produce the best dentures possible for each individuals preferences, whether it be to match the colour and shape of your natural teeth, or to create a whole new smile. At Talbot Denture Clinic we work together with each patient to ensure they leave feeling great about their new dentures.

Our Premises:

Talbot Dental Clinic is part of the Kooyonga Shopping Centre at lockleys.

You will find easy convenient parking directly outside the shop entrance. And also wheelchair access.

 The dental clinic is air conditioned and comfortable, making your visit as pleasant as possible.


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