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Who is the best person to make my new dentures, a Dentist or a Dental Prosthetist?

The best person to make your next set of dentures is a Dental Prosthetist – A Dental Prosthetist is a person who specializes in the fitting and construction of premium dentures. The advantage of using a Dental Prosthetist as apposed to a Dentist is that they complete all aspects of the denture manufacturing process. This includes consulting with you to discuss your requirements and any problems you may be experiencing with your old dentures, take a series of impressions, making a model of the denture so you can see what it will look and feel like before it is finished,  make any changes that you require, and then finish the denture ready for you to wear .

When should I get new dentures?

It is recommended to be assessed for a new set of dentures every 5-8 years to compensate for the changes in the mouth and to evaluate the deterioration and wear to the dentures over that time period. However, an annually check-up is advisable to make sure the dentures are still fitting and functioning properly, and to avoid any unforeseen problems such as infection or sore spots in the underlying tissues.

Why do I have sore spots in my mouth?

This is due to the dentures being loose or if they do not fit correctly. Other reasons may be due to hard foods like seeds or nuts getting under the denture.

We recommended that you visit us so that we can check the fit of your dentures every 12 months.

Why don't my dentures feel secure when eating?

If you have not had experience wearing denture before it may take some time to get used to them so they may not feel totally secure when you first start to eat.

Try to chew foods on both sides of the mouth as this will help to prevent the dentures tipping in the mouth. Eat slowly and make sure you cut food into smaller pieces.

How much do premium dentures cost?

Prices vary depending on the denture needs of each individual and the type of denture you would prefer. Our Dental Prosthetist can advise you on the different options available and the cost of each of these options at you initial free no-obligation consultation.

Will dentures make me look different?

Each set of dentures is personalised to your face, lips, tongue, and body shape. For your piece of mind, before you are given your permanent dentures, moulds are made in wax for you to try them on and see how they look.


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